Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What It Is

What It Is Project

Due: 9.29.10

Choose 2 songs that you're really into. They could be songs from back in 4th grade or ones that have been recently playing over and over again on your portable music device. Your objective is to take each piece of music you've chosen and immerse yourself in it; to a point where your relationship with it is strengthened and you have come to a more thorough understanding of it.

There should be a connection between your What It Is selections' objective musical elements and your personal subjective affinities to them. Hence, the challenge of this assignment is to create a written analysis/review for each song that balances objectivity and subjectivity, with a greater intention of and attentiveness to drawing the reader into the music you hold so dearly.

To assist you, use the Perceptive Listening handout, the Wilco, Jesus Etc. analysis handout, and most importantly, read and read and read as many music reviews online as you can. The Metacritic assignment can be of great assistance as well.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Why did I choose this song?
What is it about this song that connects me to it?
What specific musical elements draw me into the song?
How do I get across to my readers the immensity of this music?
What kinds of information will draw my reader in?
What should my readers learn from my analysis?


1. Attachments of the selected What It Is mp3s
2. An attachment of Microsoft Word files containing your 1-2 page analysis for each song/piece
3. In the SUBJECT field of the email, please type the following: FULL NAME -- WHAT IT IS


If applicable, please include lyrics. Lyrics are in addition to the specified length of this assignment.

All of our previous review-oriented assignments were in preparation for this What It Is project. I am expecting substantive material that stretches your ability to analyze and elaborate. Any submissions that I deem as less than substantive will not be accepted.